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It's All About the Glass

Written By Honey Hess • Photography By Scott Erb and Donna Dufault

Worcester Center for Crafts Glass Blowing

It doesn't matter whether your glass is half-full or half-empty when it comes to the full appreciation of a draught of beer, but it might just matter what you're drinking from. Connoisseurs, as well as scientists, are beginning to probe the possibility that the vessel you're drinking from is what transforms a good beer into a magical taste experience.

The glass artists at the Worcester Center for Crafts Glass Studio believe that a hand-crafted glass can transform slaking thirst into the ultimate foodie experience of beer. Located on New Street in Worcester, the Glass Studio carries on glass-making traditions that are thousands of years old blended with contemporary art and aesthetics: glass making is perhaps as old as beer making.

Beer glasses are blown and molded with great attention to form and balance in order to enhance the eye-appeal, flavor, and experiential texture of specific kinds of beer. A Weissbeir "vase" brings out the best in a Bavarian Heffeweisse, a large tulip glass shows off the translucent beauty of a Belgian or French Ale, and a hefty-handled stein connects an Oktoberfest to its earthy elements. Pouring, you first see the color, the head, the translucency and the carbonation through the shimmering glass and when you tip the glass to begin, your lips touch a smooth, cold frosting (the glass). The size, shape and smoothness of the rim allow you to sip or gulp and to savor the particulars of what you are drinking. This exquisite experience makes it hard to remember that the glass touching your lips was heated to temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees and that the glass had become a thick viscous liquid-like honey, malleable enough to be shaped into just the right vessel for a foodie experience with beer! For more information on glass, creating your own beer vessel, or how to buy handcrafted vessels, call the Worcester Center for Crafts: 508.753.8183.

The Worcester Center for Crafts is located at 25 Sagamore Road and offers classes, exhibitions, and a gallery store. The Glass Studio is located on New Street in Worcester.

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