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 Campaign to promote preventive veterinary care as essential SUNDAY Preventive care: good for animals and the profession AVMA Annual Convention Daily News Brenda Andresen, marketing and projects director for the Partners for Healthy Pets, describes the $5.5 million campaign to urge pet owners to bring their pets to veterinarians for annual checkups. Dr. Clark Fobian, incoming AVMA president, thinks that just like veterinary patients, the veterinary profession needs preventive care. By R. Scott Nolen The veterinary profession is in constant peril and, like any animal patient, in need of preventive care. So says Dr. Clark Fobian, incoming AVMA president. Speaking during the AVMA House of Delegates regular annual session Friday, the mixed animal practitioner from Sedalia, Mo., likened the veterinary profession to a puppy whose health is protected through preventive care. In Dr. Fobian’s analogy, the profession is the puppy, and the AVMA is the veterinarian ensuring its well-being. “(T)here is a perpetual barrage of regu-latory, legislative, tax revenue generating, technological, and societal threats that can impede the veterinarian’s ability to practice medicine,” he explained. “Our profession, like the susceptible puppy, is in constant peril, and like the puppy, we as a profession need appropriate preventive care. “I contend that the AVMA provides this protection.” By Greg Cima A $5.5 million campaign will promote yearly veterinary checkups as “essential as food and love.” The Partners for Healthy Pets will be-gin the advertising campaign in Septem-ber; the advertisements will appear start-ing in October and run through the end of 2014. Brenda Andresen, marketing and proj-ects director for the Partners program, said Thursday in a press conference about the campaign that pet owners are cutting ex-penses for preventive care for their pets as well as for themselves. “Bottom line, we need to change be-havior,” she said. Andresen said the advertisements are scheduled to appear on the websites of me-dia outlets such as National Public Radio, CNN, and network TV affiliates. The Part-ners program also will provide public ser-vice announcements. Dr. W. Ron DeHaven, AVMA Chief Executive Officer, said Thursday that the AVMA and other organizations in the Part-ners program want to ensure pets receive the preventive care they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian. He said the Association has seen a correlation between a decrease in the frequency of pet visits to veterinarians and a rise in incidence of pre-ventable pet diseases. “We want there really to be a relation-ship between the pet owner and the veteri-narian, where we look at the lifelong plan that is going to ensure the best health and happiness for the pet and the pet owner as well,” Dr. DeHaven said. Partners for Healthy Pets is a campaign by the Partnership for Preventive Pet Health-Continued on page 2 Dr. Fobian described the AVMA as a “highly successful organization” by most standards, representing more than 80 per-cent of the nation’s veterinary profession. However, he questioned why some veteri-narians don’t see enough value in AVMA membership to join the association. Instead of ignoring these non-AVMA members, Dr. Fobian believes it is neces-sary to step up efforts to educate them and recent graduates about the important servic-es provided by the Association. “We cannot be complacent when it comes to member recruitment,” he said. “The AVMA needs an ongoing commitment to sell its services to the veterinary community just like the veterinarian has an ongoing commitment of selling his or her services to the animal-owning public.” Along with serving as the voice of vet-erinarians, the AVMA excels as a powerful advocate for veterinarians and animals in Continued on page 2 TOUGH NAME. Delicate immune system. Purina Veterinary Diets ® FortiFlora ® Probiotic Nutritional Supplement can help safely relieve GI issues in puppies and kittens, and give their delicate immune systems the extra support they need. Visit Purina booth #1428 to learn more. Trademarks owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland

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