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guide with information on music and audio companies. Enhanced for the iPad, the guide includes links to every vendor and search functionality allowing for easy discovery of specific products. For the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, an 88-year-old nonprofit based in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, the challenge was to meet the evolving needs of readers of the organization’s publication, A.T. Journeys, as well as reach new audiences and realize new revenue streams and cost savings. The A.T. Journeys’ interactive digital edition allows members to read the magazine in convenient formats, enjoy embedded videos and hotlinks, connect easily with magazine staff and access archives of past issues. Digital subscribers receive the magazine sooner than print subscribers. In addition, a big selling point for eco-conscious conservancy members is the cost and paper-saving side of digital editions. The conservancy currently has 4,400 digital subscribers and “that number is only growing as people realize how easy it is,” according to Folgar. “We want to make sure we can effectively communicate to members about issues we have and things we are doing directly on the [Appalachian] Trail, and make sure we are using the dollars of our supporters wisely.” The digital version has allowed the conservancy to upsell to advertisers. “We have additional benefits for advertisers to make their ads more lively and rich ... [such as] embedding videos,” Folgar says. “The ads have active links, which the advertisers like because they can directly see the impact of people viewing their ads and clicking directly on their content.” The digital version also offers a menu where users can browse through advertisers to see who is promoting the magazine—a benefit in terms of exposure and branding, as the section highlights for association members those companies that are actively supporting the organization. The digital version also allows A.T. Journeys to open more ad space to advertisers, since it is presented on a display, with free space next to the front and back covers, for example. Step 6: Examine Your Current and Potential Workflow Publishers are concerned about the impact of new multiplatform products on internal workflows and staffing, especially regarding additional staff training or new personnel. “The fact of the matter is it really isn’t any additional work,” Folgar says. “There hasn’t been any impact regarding workload, which is really important because we have such a small staff.” Switching to a digital version was “seamless,” he says, because of full integration with print production services through digital and print vendor Sheridan. “Not only do they print it when we send over the magazine, they automatically convert it to a digital edition. During that conversion process they activate links, automatically PAGE 11 Going Mobile: Revenue Opportunities for Publishers

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