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Step 8: Explore the Build-vs-Buy Question For smaller publishers, the options for building custom mobile apps—or even using off-the-shelf tools like Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) or Quark’s App Studio—are not economically feasible. Even when the capital costs are relatively low, the labor costs can be prohibitive. In many cases, publishers look to service providers to build their mobile apps at an affordable cost. Ideally, they also rely on their service providers to expand their offering’s features, and add subscription and advertising revenue potential to each mobile platform. National Geographic’s Moore was optimistic about smaller publishers using tools like DPS, citing its ease of use and familiarity to most magazine production professionals, since it’s based in Adobe InDesign. On the web side, however, he cautioned smaller publishers, citing the current complexity of Content Management Systems, and the steep learning curve for responsive design web development. Ultimately, the priorities for selecting a service provider are the same as those of the bigger budget publishers developing digital products internally. Jason Wagenheim at Teen Vogue summarized what he considers universal priorities for either side of the build/buy equation. “First, have a clear idea of the value your publication brings to its readers and its advertisers,” he says. “Then find out what value the development partner brings—whether it’s external or internal. Do they reliably deliver, on time and on budget? Do they have the right portfolio of experience and proven features? Most important, is the risk/reward picture good for you?” “ Have a clear idea of the value your publication brings to its readers and its advertisers. ” – Jason Wagenheim, Teen Vogue Whether a publisher develops its mobile platform in house or uses a service provider, the mandate is clear: mobile is a permanent reality for the magazine world. Advertising and circulation revenue potential is directly related to the perceived value that mobile information provides. The goal is a thoroughly achievable one: find the mobile content that most effectively conveys your brand, and find the resources needed to produce it. PAGE 14 Going Mobile: Revenue Opportunities for Publishers

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