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audio, and video content. Game-like interactivity is also more appropriate in this environment, as is the emerging trend of “second screening” (using a tablet to view ancillary content while also watching television). The subscription revenue potential for tablets is directly related to the quality of content presentation. Tablets offer a high probability of distraction—from Angry Birds to email to watching full-length movies—so magazine content in a tablet app must have the highest possible level of engagement potential. On the advertising side, the revenue potential of tablets generally involves more deliberate purchases—consistent with the user profile. With the entire web at their disposal, however, tablet users can be difficult for digital magazine advertisers to acquire and hold. However, as secure in-app purchasing and other methodologies become more prevalent, the digital tablet ad has the potential to become a premium “location” for commerce. The challenge is to make the ad content consistent with the magazine brand (something that should go without saying) and to make the ad itself a compelling, convenient experience. Finally, although laptop PCs are generally considered portable, not mobile devices, they should always be included in a publisher’s digital strategy. Together with their tethered cousins—desktop PCs—these devices typically have a different user profile. From a publishing perspective, this would favor business and professional titles. The revenue potential for PCs is straightforward, but often made difficult by the “free web content” sentiment. Even for digital facsimile editions, the tendency to provide free access remains strong—undermining subscriber revenue and, in many cases, the ability to sell premium advertising. However, as responsive design websites and innovative digital editions increase, there is good reason to believe that the PC platform can begin to recoup some of the losses sustained by print. (It is well established that digital editions are a significant cost savings, especially for publications with international subscribers.) The keys to finding revenue on the PC platform include providing key business information (consistent with the PC profile of the user) and the role of the publisher as a trusted source. While not as glamorous as a consumer magazine on the latest tablet, PC publishing will remain a major magazine platform. Step 5: Imagine/Invent New Products We interviewed several smaller publishers to gauge their success in identifying and capturing revenue. Like their big-budget counterparts, these publishers have to make critical cost savings and revenue-generation decisions under less than ideal conditions. However, smaller publishers often lack the internal resources to build their own mobile platforms, and must partner with companies specializing in mobile enhancements to their existing print workflow. One mobile revenue channel for mobile publishers to consider is special editions, which are easy to create on digital platforms and provide excellent opportunities for sponsorship and ad selling. The Music Trades magazine, which publishes a monthly PAGE 9 Going Mobile: Revenue Opportunities for Publishers

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