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C E L E BR A T I N G 1 5 YE ARS Commemorative Issue 2014 November 2014 ® L IFE S TORIES OF G OD ’ S P EOPLE ® ® ® Fall 2005 Spring 2006 Fall 2006 Winter 2007 Acapulco Adventure Cincy Salvation Called Out of California ‘The Marrying Church’ Facing ‘ the big C ’ High Tea In Colorado B-101 Philly Radio Pioneer Michigan Ministry Partners Safe Havens for Kids Planted in PuertoRico Choosing Purity in San Francisco God’s Soldiers in Iraq Trading spaces in S.C. Switching careers in Ohio Homeless in Las Vegas Kroc Centers Update Holy Hip Hop! The King’s Composer A Salvation Army Christmas ® ® Spring 2007 June 2007 ® Summer 2007 Fall 2007 ® ® ® ® ® Winter 2008 Fall 2008 Spring 2008 Summer 2008 DEVOTED Unleashing the Power of Nonstop Prayer … to heal and forgive! … to repent and revive! and most of all, Cymbala Calls For Fresh Fire Detroit Deliverance Out of Zimbabwe ‘Our Kids’ in Norfolk San Diego Outreach Grace Abounding Denver Devotion Blind Trust High Rollers No More One-on-One with God … to glorify the Lord! Chattanooga Leads Prayer Train Mack the Music Maker From Mexico to Missouri ® Melissa’s Mission SINGING FOR HIS GLORY ‘B Clean’ Hawai’i Mission on ‘Final Frontier’ Royal Servant R’ T FE RIS UR R CH R S FO VE S ‘SIL SHINE INSIDE : 14–Page Feature ‘The Salvation Army’s Powerful Response’ TO DOLPHINS From Peace Offi cer To Peacebuilder New Orleans Revisited VETS HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT After the Great Flood Looking for Lenny In Akron From Venezuela To Chicago ® ® Winter Winter 2009 2008 special issue ® ® Fall 2009 Winter 2010 ® ® ® ® Spring 2009 Summer 2009 Spring 2010 Summer 2010 Fall 2010 ‘ Fireproof ’ Star Still Growing TV’S ‘HOME EDITION’ GLOBAL CONNECTIONS Kroc Centers Update ‘Elly May’ Walks by Faith Ch ris tm as Be lls Fea t u r e s Atlanta Kroc Team: WORD on the Street Christian Radio Exec’s ‘Black Friday’ Fighting Family To Choose Life o Standing on ‘Solid Rock’ After Earthquakes Joe Maddon Manager, Servant Mazatlan Mission Nashville Testimony Time The Girards’ New ‘Castle’ Spirit of Christmas SPECIAL ISSUE A Houston ‘Heaven’ Montclair Music Man Hip-Hop ‘Blood & Fire’ o Caring For Mom Alaska: Arts Team Turns 10 Land of ‘One’ o DOUBT QUAKE EARTH o Addictio n o Restored HELPING HAITI &Chile LIVING HOLY ® DEPRESSION PERSPECTIVE In Ann Arbor SPECI A L 10 th A N NI V E R SA RY I S S U E Winter 2011 ® ® ® ® ® ® Spring 2011 Summer 2011 Fall 2011 Winter 2012 Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Fall 2012 Life Stories of God’s People L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PL E L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PL E L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PLE L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PLE Haiti: Year 1 FOREVER FAMILY ‘Royal Way’ in Salinas Sisters Reunited Connected to Compose ‘HIT LINE DRIVES, LOVE THE LORD’ Also Inside Freeman On First Ohio ‘God Girl’ Dancing Across Cultures Atlanta’s Major Doctor MUSIC MAKER JAMES CURNOW NUMANA FROM HEAVEN TUSCALOOSA RELIEF in the Morning FOR YOUNG AFRICAN WOMAN, NIGHTMARE ENDS IN BLESSING Joy 9/11 ® Florida’s Sallie House A 60–Year Love Story Witnessing on Facebook Sandi Patty ‘TIS THE SE ASON The Power of Forgiveness Couple Offers Grace to Attacker Kroc Center Evangelist Beyond Willpower A Father Who Won’t Leave Stefan’s Road Back No More Roaming, No More Secrets Southern Songbird California Kroc Couple Bridging Gaps for Kids Leaders Find Joy Through Deep Trial Helping ‘the Least’ In Abu Dhabi Chicago Gang Leader Finds God America’s ‘Most Inspirational Mom’ We Remember ® Still Singing & Serving ® ® ® ® ® Winter 2013 Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Fall 2013 Winter 2014 Spring 2014 Summer 2014 L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PLE L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PLE L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PLE L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PLE L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PLE L IF E S TO R I E S OF G OD ’ S P EO PLE Foxworthy Going ‘Beyond The Bells’ In New York City Rising Up In Phoenix Minnesota Miracle Living Holy In Georgia Denise Richardson He’s Just Jeff At Atlanta Mission Losing It All In Arizona Highly Caffeinated, Humble New Yorker Atheist Becomes ‘Good Soil’ R.A. Dickey Second Chances From God ‘Little Mermaid’ Sings for His Glory Filling Big Shoes In Cleveland ‘Hummer’ of a Gift in South Bend After Sandy The First Year Phil Cooke Producer Focuses On Digital ‘Countries’ Miracle Match ‘Banquet’ In Boston Offering Help And Hope For Superstorm Survivors

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