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Edible Ojai Ventura Spring 2014 : Page 11

rough on the outside, tender on the inside and proceeds to relate that description to some of her cranky relatives. Delightful. Th e original recipe leaves out details often found in today’s reci-pes, assuming cooks knew to preheat the oven, drop the dough onto prepared cookie sheets and to pull them out of the oven when golden brown. Still, I found that the cookies come together easily and tasted like a coconut oatmeal cookie with a nice crunchy exterior, softer interior. If your man—or woman or child—yearns for raisins or chocolate in their oatmeal cookies, by all means add some or sub them in for the nuts. Dried cherries might be a nice addition, too. Th ese homey cookies would be a perfect accompaniment to cof-fee, tea or a big glass of milk. For both the California history and the lyrical way Spiller’s writ-ing shows us the importance of food as a way to connect with peo-ple—both living and dead—and as a way to weave and reveal the tale of our lives, Compromise Cake is a treasure. Signed copies of Spiller’s book are available at Chaucer’s Bookstore ( in Santa Barbara. Unsigned copies are available at Barnes & Noble ( in Ventura and online at and Before your finances reach this stage... ...let us assist you this Tax Season by making your life much easier. Call on us now for professional help with your Taxes, Bookkeeping, Business Management or New Business Start-up. You’ll never need to push that Panic Button again! Call our desk k mobile email l or ‘Financial Health is Financial Wealth’ spring 2014 11

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