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Michael Madrigale Head sommelier for Bar Boulud, Epicerie Boulud, and Boulud Sud, New York City This young wine professional has been work-ing as a head sommelier with the renowned New York-based French chef-owner Daniel Boulud for nearly seven years. He manages hundreds of bottles of wine and launched New York City’s first “Big Bottles” program, which gave guests the opportunity to enjoy rare and large-format bottles poured by the glass. In 2012, Madri-gale was named “Sommelier of the Year” by both Food & Wine and Wine Enthusiast magazines. Driven to become a sommelier by his desire to taste “every great wine ever made,” Madrigale said that there are many enviable aspects of his job. “Creating a wine list that you love and want to share with guests is pretty high up there,” said Madrigale, who also finds teaching young, talented sommeliers and shaping their attitude and outlook on wine to be gratifying. “And,” he points out, “tasting an average of 60 wines a day is pretty great, too.” Madrigale is a member of the 2014 Nantucket Wine Festival’s sommelier program. He will be sitting in on a few seminars and assisting with the wine service for some of the events. Tom Berry Chef and co-owner of The Proprietors, Nantucket This will be Berry’s second year as a restaurant owner on Nantucket. In the past year, he has gained a new-found respect for long-time restaurant owners. “Opening a restaurant is a huge challenge, but main-taining that success and staying committed to customer service for years is a monumental challenge,” he said. Berry has been participating in the Nantucket Wine Festival since his first season on the island in 2005. The Proprietors will have a table at this year’s Harbor Gala. “It’s a great event,” he said. “It’s not often that all of the island’s restaurants are together in one room. The atmosphere there is electric.” The Proprietors will also be hosting its first wine dinner featuring Robert Sinskey Vineyards on Friday night of the festival. As he approaches 40, Berry said he’s both excited to be where he is now and excited for the future. “While I’ll never stop learning or being blown away by even the simplest things – like tasting fresh-cut ceylon cinnamon or the sweet pulp inside a cocoa pod – I’m at that tipping point where I can artfully apply all that I’ve learned and experienced to my cooking and business.” Berry stressed that his immediate future revolves around the continued success of The Proprietors. “Beyond that,” he says, “Who knows? For sure, I won’t be standing still.” Sprng 2014 57

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