Edible Philly Winter 2016-17 : Cover2

Regionally Sourced Beef All our Food You Feel Good About Beef is raised without antibiotics or added hormones. We thought you’d like to know that many of our Food You Feel Good About Choice Beef cuts now come from family farms near our stores. Look for this sticker on certain cuts in store, like strip steak and more. To see Senterfitt Farms in Madison, VA as just one example in our network of regional family farms, go to wegmans.com/regionalbeef No Antibiotics or Added Hormones Conquest Farm Cato, NY ;MV\MZÅ\\.IZU[ Madison, VA from family farms NEAR OUR STORES Kelly Schoeneck (VP of Meat and Seafood Merchandising) and Clay Jackson at Senterfitt Farms, Madison, VA. Matt Slagle (pictured) and Ed Primrose partner to run Conquest Farm in Cayuga County, NY.


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