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both the making and serving of alcoholic beverages. Their work to get that statute overturned (and they did) is part of a greater effort to maintain personal, community-based character, and the idea of the “family business” in the face of an economic climate where outsourcing reigns. “We were so young, and had no idea what we were doing, really,” Egelston-Cichy says, smiling, “and had no idea that our petition would get that big. We even ended up in The National Enquirer over it! We just wanted to serve the beer we made in the restaurant we ran.” That same spirit now informs her menu, and led to the creation of J.O.E.’s Farm, a subsidiary of the brewery. The farm, located in Williamsburg, is designed to support the brewery’s environmental PLVVLRQE\JURZLQJDSRUWLRQRIWKHSURGXFHIRUWKHSXE·VNLWFKHQ,QLWVÀ IWK\HDURIRSHUDWLRQ&#0f;WKH farm has been another opportunity for community involvement in the form of direct feedback from the kitchen crew, the staff, and the agricultural community. “We wouldn’t be here without the people who work with us … who work for us. We really welcome staff input. We want to be inclusive.” That inclusivity includes a commitment to other local farms and farmers, even as their own operation grows. “Your salad has some of our kale in it,” Egelston-Cichy points out, “but we’re glad that we can still support the same farms we’ve always worked with too.” That support, as she sees it, is also an opportunity to change what “growth” means for a business: When she talks about growth, it has more to do with developing systems for sustainability and com-munity involvement that other businesses of their size could copy, enabling that collective sensibility to spread further. ´:H·YHDOZD\VUHF\FOHG&#0f;RXUVSHQWJUDLQKDVDOZD\VJRQHWRSLJIDUPHUV&#0f;ZHGLGWKH>JUHHQ@UHWURÀ WRQ our building,” she says, “but we are always trying to do … to give more. And we are always saying, LIZHFDQGREHWWHU&#0f;OHW·VÀ JXUHLWRXW«DQGWKHQOHW·VGRLWWRJHWKHUµ The bottom line is important—but, mostly, in the ways that it enables the business to remain deeply rooted in the ongoing life of the city and, Egelston-Cichy notes, to continue “to show up for one another, in ways that matter,” one pint, one plate, and one “village” at a time. northamptonbrewery.com 26 | edible PIONEER VALLEY | W INTER 2016

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